The SM 5100 has state of the art communication ability with integrated wireless encryption. Label formats are highly customizable and can include full ingredients and cooking instructions. The 5100 is perfect for most retail applications!


  • Alpha- Numeric Display with Scrolling Messages
  • State of the art communications with TCP/IP built in- Standard
  • Integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g with WEP, WPA-PSK, LEAP Encryption (Optional)
  • Flexible Label formatting with full graphics capability; 99 programmable formats
  • Quick and Easy Label changes using the Removable Cassette
  • Capable of full ingredients and cooking instructions
  • 2MB of Standard Memory
  • Over 6,000 PLU's without ingredients
  • Highly Customizable labels


Weight Capacity                                                                       30lb
Memory Capacity                                                                    2MB
Display                                                    32 x 202 Full Dot Matrix
Label Printing Speed                                                  80mm/ sec 
Receipt Printing Speed                                             105mm/ sec
Label Size                                              28-220mm L 30-56mm W
Power Source                                                   AC 110V (50/60Hz)
Operating Temp                                                   -10o C to +40o C
Humidity                                                                15% to 85% RH
Interface                                                       Ethernet (standard)