Saving your business time and money
Save on paper cost and labor with NBI's new and improved Electronic Shelf Labels. Give your company the opportunity to ensure pricing consistency and reduce claims. The new sleek,  easy to read  ESL's allow for planned price and inventory changes, and give your store the edge it needs to succeed!



  • Water Resistant
  • Wireless transmission
  • Easy to install
  • Long battery life
  • Attractive and high contrast display
  • Accuracy of product information
  • Price integrity
  • Operates at low temperature
  • Eco-friendly-low usage on power, ink and paper
  • Easily expandable from current system
 Dimensions                                             85.0mm x 73.5mm x 16.6mm  Dimensions (LCD Disp.)                                          62.3mm x 44.9mm 
 LCD Display Resolution                                          238dots x 126 dots   Operating Temperature                                        -5deg. C  ~ 35deg. C
 Frequency Band                                                         2.41 GHz~2.48GHz
 Data Rate                                                                           Up to 500kbps
 Humidity                                                      85% max. non-condensing
 IP Rating                                                                                               IP67
 Power Source                         2xDC Cell Button Battery CR2477 3.0V
 Battery Life                                                                                    5 Years
  • Enhances store image and positioning
  • Eliminates pricing errors with reliable real time price and information updates
  • Allows retailers to engage with dynamic pricing while maintaining full price integrity
  • Improves operational efficiency when staffs are redeployed for more value added functions.
  • Acts as a remote preset key and provides shoppers with fast and easy PLU call up, making self-service operation a breeze
  • Shoppers will just need to tap the e.Label, and the preset key will appear on the display of the DIGI PC based scale
  • Counter operators can more efficiently serve customers because they no longer will need to memorize PLU's
  • Helps reduce pricing errors


Customers can simply tap the e.Label after picking which products they wish to purchase. Tapping triggers the transmission of PLU to the scale.
Customers can then bag the item(s) and place them onto the scale platter, and select the icon that corresponds with the product.
Customers can print their own label and paste it onto the bag for purchase!