Pre-Pack Scale/Single Printer, 12.1 inches adjustable  angle Large LCD Color Touch Screen Display; 8.8GB Standard Memory; Ethernet and RS232C Computer interface; unique Wipe-on label applicator; 30lb. Weighing capacity and 80mm Thermal Print Head.


Printer Type                     Thermal Printer
Dot Density                      12 dots/mm (300dpi)
Print Speed                       Max. 140mm/s
Print Width                       25 to 80mm (0.98 to 3.14 inches)
Print Length                     20 to 300mm (0.79 to 11.8inches)
Label Roll Diameter       Max. 210mm (8.2 inches)
Label Roll Core                76mm (3.0 inches)

Display panel                   TFT LCD color (12.1 inches)
Operational keys            Mechanical function keys & touch screen
Standard memory          16GB(SSD) 8.8GB Available for Programable                                             Data
Program installation     Flash memory
Housing                             Resin and stainless steel construction
Interface                           BM keyboard, RS-232C, Ethernet, 4-line
Power Supply                    AC 100-200/ 220-240V, 50/ 60Hz
Power Consumption       1.2A, 125W

Main unit                           Single labeler type: 19.7 kg/ 43.4 lb
                                             Twin labeler type: 25.7 kg/ 56.7 lb
Scale Platform                  3.8 kg/ 8.4 lb

DPS-5600 Modular Single

DPS-5600 Modular Twin

DPS-5600 Modular Single on Handwrap Station