The DP-5000 is a PC based compact printer with an extremely high printing resolution for its size.  This highly versatile printer is ideal for limited work space. Allows for seamless updating of product information with every printer database change. It also uses linerless labels which reduce paper waste and are environmentally friendly!


Dimension                                                  422.6mm x 220mm x 407.5mm
CPU                                                                                           iMX31 533MHz
Memory                                                                    Factory Default 256MB
Display                                                       8.4" TFT SVGA with Touch Panel
Operator Display +/- 30degree left and right; 90 degree up and down
Weight                                                                                                     10.8kg
Printing Mechanism                                                         Thermal Printing
Media (Label)                                   Outer dia. 125mm; Inner dia. 40mm
Barcode Type                                                                       Interleave 2 of 5
Power Source                                                                            AC 100V/220V
Power Consumption                                                                                 80w
Operating Humidity                              15%-85% RH Non-Condensation
Operating Temperature                                         -10deg. C to +40 deg. C
I/O Interface                                        IUSB, Ethernet, SD Pocket, RS-232
Optional Interface                                                                   Wireless LAN


  • Front label loading mechanism makes label changing easy
  • Large label roll for more efficient pre-packing
  • Operator display with touch screen panel can be adjusted to fit operator's viewing preference
  • Colorful 8.4" TFT touch screen display is             eye-catching and easy to use
  • High printing resolution at 300dpi on  80mm label
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Email Alert
  • Graphical Labels/ Receipts
  • Database Connectivity
  • Linerless, Environmentally Friendly!
  • Numerous Printing Options and Capabilities