Print Head                                                 128mm at 12 dots/mm (305dpi)
Print Method                                                                          Direct Thermal
Printable Width                                                                                   125mm
Label Width                                                                                80 to 128mm
Label Height                                                                               28 to 200mm
Label Roll Diameter                                                                  Max. 190mm
Label Roll Core Diameter                                                                    76mm
Print Speed                                                                         50 to 200mm/sec
Power                        220v-240v (115v option), 50/60Hz AC single phase
Temperature                                                                            -10o C to 40o C
Capacity           6kg/2g          15kg/5g         30kg/10g (S-WP series scales)
                                                          30kg/60kg/150kg (S-SK series scales)


-S-WP Teraoka Scale Attached
- Large Thermal Head (128mm at 12 dots/mm)
- Large Color Touch Screen
- Can Have 2nd Printer
- Console and Printer in one Unit
- Quick Accessibility for easy and quick label changes
- Stainless Steel Casing