This PC based wrapper is capable of wrapping a wide variety of products with trays, nonstandard shaped trays, fragile items, or even without trays. Its small foot print allows it to fit into small markets. Its nonstretch film has the ability to wrap different sized and shaped items. With its  user friendly touch screen display the user is able to correctly weigh, wrap and manually apply labels. Great for produce, deli/cheese, sushi and bakery setting!


Weighing Capacity                      Max. 30lb.
Weighing Range                           .20—30 lb.
Package Size                                 Width: 80-350mm/3.1-13.8 inches
                                                         Height: 10-130mm/0.4-5.1 inches
                                                         Depth: 80-230mm/3.1-9.0 inches
Wrapping Speed:                          Max. 17 packages/min.
Film Width:                                    350-500mm/13.8-19.7 inches
Number of Film Roll:                   One Roll
Display Panel:                               TFT LED color (12.1 inches) touch panel
Operation Keys:                            Mechanical keys & touch screen
Memory:                                         8.8 GB
Operating System:                       Linux
Power Source:                               208-240V, Single phase, 50/ 60Hz 2.3kVa
Power Consumption:                   220-240V, Single phase, 50/ 60Hz 7.5 A: 1.8kW
Net Weight:                                   Approx. 250kg/552lbs.
Operational Humidity:                90% RH (max.)